The Mimosa Charity

A heartbreaking truth, but we have all known someone inflicted by Cancer. New statistics are brutal and shocking: one in two people will be diagnosed with some form of Cancer during their lifetime.

Mimosa was set up as a “kitchen charity” on the Riviera three years ago by a team of nine women who have all known the pain of seeing a loved one suffer. Having all chosen to make their lives in the South of France, they felt it was important to pool their combined talents to give back to the local community that had embraced them. And as such, they began to raise funds for a local cancer charity, La Ligue contre le Cancer in the Alpes Maritimes.

La Ligue Contre le Cancer is the number one national charitable organisation against Cancer in France. Their mission is to search for a cure, vitally helping patients and their loved ones as well as raising awareness of this widespread illness.

Mimosa have been successfully helping the Alpes Maritimes Chapter of la Ligue for the past three years to generate much needed funds to help them to continue to raise awareness and to help cancer sufferers and their families on this journey through the unknown.

To date their events have raised funding for the opening of a new “Espace Ligue” in Autumn 2015. The ‘Espace Ligue’, unique to La Ligue, plays a vital role in this battle against cancer by opening its doors to provide a haven for cancer sufferers and those close to them, offering much needed support, advice, care and workshops for free. In 2016 all funds raised will go equally towards the continued running of L’space Ligue as well as the Paediatric Oncology unit of L’Archet Hospital in Nice.

Through their tireless campaign and numerous fundraising events the Mimosa Ladies have not only managed to raise funds but also have created a community of like minded individuals in the south of France who are proud to be involved in generating positive change and contributing to such a worthy cause.

The Mimosa Cocktail 2016

Friday 27th May 2016

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