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Corporate Events and Entertainment

Greenbird are specialists in providing solutions to all of your corporate event and entertainment needs. From in-house client-appreciation events to corporate launches, we manage all of the details to ensure your event is a success so that you can concentrate on strengthening current relationships and generating new opportunities.

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VIP Events

Gain access to the most exclusive events around the world, such as major sporting occasions, concert tours, exclusive productions and shows and world-class cultural events, as well as admission to the most elite clubs and nightclubs.

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"Fashion passes, style remains."

Coco Chanel (1883-1971), Founder of Chanel


Private Shopping and Style Consultant

We offer expert assistance tailored to your individual requests. Whether you need a business-wardrobe update or advice on styling for an event, we can arrange to have items delivered to your hotel or place of business, handpicked especially for you.

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Exclusive Gifts

People respond well to personalised and thoughtful gestures of appreciation, however small. When a client or a partner has an important date or an occasion in their life, it is nice to demonstrate that you are thinking about them. Let us take the burden of finding, selecting and organising gifts that will go a long way toward solidifying your business relationships.

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Virtual Assistant

With latest technology advancements and cloud-based systems that make remote access easy, Virtual Assistant (VA) can take many duties of a full-time employee, therefore increasing productivity and cutting costs. VA administrative tasks range from answering phone and email, sending birthday cards, filling out client’s paperwork to managing itineraries. All our VAs comply with strict client privacy regulations.

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