Private Luxury Lifestyle


House Management & Set Up

We go to great lengths to ensure that your home, whether it is your main residence or a holiday house, is the true sanctuary of peace and rest. Home security, sourcing private staff and chefs, home technology and maintenance solutions and general housekeeping – our concierge in the house team has it all under control.

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Personalised Shopping & Styling

True style is in your natural attitude and is effortlessness. It is all about good taste. Let our style guru indulge you in a practical and convenient way:
• Personalised style creation
• Wardrobe assistance
• Exclusive tailors and shoemakers
• Shop at your convenience

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Special Occasions

Memories are the one true treasure that we carry with us all life long. Allow your imagination run free and let us create your special moments with inspiration, ingenuity and style.

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World Class Events

The best seating and backstage passes, access to exclusive social parties and top sporting events.

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"The quality remains long after the price is forgotten."

Sir Henry Royce (1863-1933), Co-founder of Rolls Royce Motorcars Ltd.


Exclusive Gifts

Finding a perfect gift is an art. Our style team provides a comprehensive service of hand-picking the most unique and exquisite gifts to match your every aspiration.

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Art & Wealth Creation

Our dedicated, discretionary, fine art and antiques wealth consultant offers advise and solutions in structuring art portfolios to achieve capital appreciation and wealth preservation.

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Fine Wines

Our expert Sommelier will advise according to your taste and guide you in creating and managing your collection, whether for pleasure or investment.

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Wellness & Beauty

How far would you go to achieve wellness, improve your body and mind, reset and rejuvenate? Let us guide you to the best the world has to offer.

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Virtual Assistant

With latest technology advancements and cloud-based systems that make remote access easy, Virtual Assistant (VA) can take many duties of a full-time employee, therefore increasing productivity and cutting costs. VA administrative tasks range from answering phone and email, sending birthday cards, filling out client’s paperwork to managing itineraries. All our VAs comply with strict client privacy regulations.

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